Crowns & Bridges

All Ceramic (Metal Free)

Full Contour Zirconia
•  Crowns
•  Bridges
•  Inlays
•  Onlays
•  Frameworks

Full Contour Zirconia offers your patients an aesthetic all-ceramic, metal-free alternative that mimics the characterization and translucency of natural teeth.

Available in high translucency for superior aesthetics.

Available as Full Contour for bruxers or with porcelain layering for enhanced aesthetics.

Layered Zirconia
•  Single crowns
•  8 unit bridges with up to 4 pontics in the anterior region
•  Splinted restorations
•  Inlay and onlay bridges

Lithium Disilicate
Shaded or layered
•  Anterior or posterior single units
•  Three-unit bridges up to the 2nd premolar
•  Veneers

High-strength lithium disilicate ceramic can be used for full-contour restorations. It provides an esthetic result and can be produced in different levels of translucency depending on the situation.

Porcelain Fused to Metal Ceramics

•  Any position in the mouth

Using advanced technology combined with hand layering of porcelain, we produce traditional porcelain-fused to metal restorations with the most natural and lifelike look.  Because PFMs require more space, they are contraindicated for cases with limited interocclusal or interproximal space. This restoration can be used for any position in the mouth.

Full Cast

Gold, Semi-Precious, and Non-Precious
•  Crowns
•  Bridges
•  Areas with limited interocclusal space
•  Bruxers

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